Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recycling, New Bag, Garden Planning Early

I am a roadside trash digger looking for useful things, and I often look for bins/trash trailers to find things I KNOW I need, that was the key word (know). As far as roadside stuff, 4 ways, get out look around, grab something if I need it, and return the pile as it was or neater.

Most people/companies won't give permission to get into their dumpsters, but it never hurts to ask or if something is on top and you can pinch it real quick, still ask perhaps even an employee will get it for you.

I am wanting to build a small green house or cold frames on my property. So I am going to be seeking out window installers to get some free windows this spring. I also located an area on my property that I can put a small green house and several places for cold frames.

It wasn't until last night did I ever see one of these!!
I think this is fantastic idea, but I wonder how long it will take to rot? Also I wonder how many other chip companies will move forward with this idea. I wonder what other food/application we can use this idea for? It would be wonderful if this could replace all primary holding bags and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Buy your seeds ASAP this year, my visit to both big box stores are already showing empty slots. I have saved some seed last year as well as received some seeds from my uncle/mark. In order to be more self sufficient I think its important to save as many seeds as you can from year to year. Also trading seeds with folks you know in real life and on line friends is a good way to expand the type of veggies you currently have.

I will doing my smoking video next weekend, I am excited about being able to share this great idea with you. Really makes for good eats as well. Fact that its a natural way to add smoke flavoring, no chemicals are used.


  1. according to their commercial, the bags break down in 14 weeks. i have to say, i'm quite impressed with Sun Chips for doing this. i didn't think they were coming out until Earth Day, though...

    can't wait to see what companies follow suit.

  2. I had heard rumors a few years ago that a soy based bag was in the works. Thanks for the link and info!!!