Saturday, February 20, 2010

SS Fund Doing Good, Scouting For Food

I found a hickory nut recipe for rolls and bread. Personally I think they taste better than walnuts. I know their harder to crack, and the reward is much less than big ole walnuts, but they taste way less bitter.

I set my turkey blind up, so I spent some time inside with my call last night. But I had no luck calling in a Jake or a Tom, I didn't even get a response back. I set it in a area where I have seen turkeys pass through. Perhaps it isn't the right time or none were around. I'll keep trying....

Oh.... I have some photos to share when I get some time to edit them today.

My ss fund is up $504.00 now, with people using my log splitter @ $25 a day and my egg sales doing good, I am hoping by spring it will be over 1k. I continue to feed the chickens from my ss fund as well as purchasing some other goods to eat. I am going to set my garlic in the ground this week to grow over winter.

I also have permission to small game hunt yet in another area I look forward to the walking as I have been some what lazy this year due to all the summertime rain.

The deer population is up very high this year, so I look forward to harvesting at least four w/ DS getting his hunting tags this year. I have trail cameras out and will share some pics of those as well.
Let me see.... Theres one, two, three and four.. Yup hes a taker.

I see roast, steak and sausage.....

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