Saturday, February 20, 2010

So it was 0320 when I awoke this morning, only having just gone to bed 4 hours prior, waking to what felt like a bashed in head.

So enough was enough, I went to the medicine cabinet and took some Sudafed that DW had picked up, I popped one down and two Tylenol and went into the living room before I fell down. At about 0500 my sinuses drained, the pressure behind my eyes just left. Though I still feel a little light headed and a bit of vertigo from time to time, I am still keeping up with the ginger/tea because I think they will help. I also am feeling the effects of lack of sleep on top and I will sleep well tonight.

I shut down the shop at a half day today as the storm moves in and schools were let out early. As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to take some time off work, so I took the rest of the day off. I had finished the cabinet to go into the bathroom the other day, just about the time this cold thingie was in my stomach.

I am not a carpenter, so I gave it a college boy try and did it myself. Turned out pretty good and I am pleased with it, the boss says she is pleased as well. That's all I needed to hear, aren't I properly guided husband?

Just for some interest if you don't like my cabinet I added some pics of my favorite reads, and a water pitcher made by Blenko, Tequilla Sunrise this color is called.

If your wondering about the cedar backing at the bottom, well thats because of the moths we have here. Nasty buggers, DW once put a top on the she doesn't wear often and a string had been eaten on. So my thinking was if the towels that are in the back don't get used, they won't get eaten either. This was left over piece from when I lined our closet with cedar.

I miss going to auctions, what fun it is when you know what your bidding on... I got carried away once when we got a Fenton water decanter and 12 water glasses for 110.00. I was so excited I jumped up right after the auction closed and yelled YES!!!

Oh how the eyes gazed upon me by the other people in the room after I jumped/yelled. We re-sold that lot and made some big bucks on ebay.

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