Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birds Up Inland Game Birds

After waking up this morning, off to hunt, worked the draw again to pick up 3, I said 3 sliders. Giving that him and his girlfriend were looking to harvest a few birds, I took the left side (high stomp ground) and moved on.

First one I kicked up, I shouted "bird in the air" , and nothing....

It flew right, and nothing, so I turned my left side shoot ask around and followed through, with respect to their air space. Waited..... Nothing ...... So I blasted a ask shoot as it was leaving my range.... He followed up a shoot some 5-10 seconds later, I was wondering what he was shooting at?

That was the first slider..... Two more would follow before we finished my suggestion of working the draw.

I like working draws when hunting inland game birds, they have shelter, food, and water.

So we chased a ghost bird that he thought he shot, well maybe not, critters not killed tend to scramble off and hide.

Rolling my eyes, thinking what? I headed to another finger looking for a lift off by myself.

I kicked it around, finished the drive, and sat at the top end drinking some water. I had to go number one, and so started to do so, when one lifted just behind me...

I had my gun in my hand while my rifle was beside me, I don't think pee could kill a game bird. At that moment, I beg to differ......

I was able to harvest another ring neck, while my gun was put away...

I didn't bag my limit today, but I learned hunting with city slickers that don't care isn't a good hunting practice.

Yes, I have since washed my hand, and it is clean..

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