Saturday, February 20, 2010

Living Longer And Better From Being SS

If you think about it, changing your life to live longer is a powerful thing to do. I am so glad I understood what smoking was all about, to bad I wasn't wise enough to understand it before putting in that first dip/lighting my first cig to look cool. So 18 years of smoking behind me now, and if by grace I don't suffer from some ill affect from smoking, I will be lucky.

Now, being SS has educated me about my body like nothing else, the military taught me but not from a food/water/air point of view. Three years ago when I started to grow my own food, I started to learn what the food was doing. Even up until last fall, I am still under standing my bodies needs for better health, I look at what I was growing in my own garden.

When Freemotion started to talk more about food, it made me look at what I was growing as to the needs of my own body. Sometimes we need to read or understand a point of view in order to except the process to educate ourselves. Like smoking, once I understood the concept, I always knew it ill effects and stuck those damned things in my mouth, I stopped smoking. I miss nothing as there is nothing to miss. I do from time to time get a notion to smoke, like any long term habit, it will take some time for that to go away if it ever does.

I have to go to my yearly physical today and I hope everything will be fine, although diabetes runs in my family I was still clear last year. My sister, 43 just found out she is diabetic, so I have some concerns. My blood pressure is normal, and I plan to start a routine this spring of walking to loose some weight and for my heart.

Since I started this SS thing, my diet has gotten so much better. Though nuts are full of fat, I eat the to help control my cholesterol as well as whole grains and drink lots of water. I even make better bread than you can buy in the store, well at least for less than half the price of buying it.

So, one word of advice, if your reading this and your smoking , your stupid and don't understand your killing yourself with every pack you smoke. Stop now before you get cancer, or you are unable to breath any more. Stop smoking now also makes you sexier as well as you smell better. If your a man and smoking, you look foolish putting that thing in your mouth.

Why did I just have that rant? I think I thought I just wanted a smoke just then, but I don't now. LOL

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  1. I am proud of your commitment to better health. It is not always easy to make changes. I have been following a paleolithic diet( no refined sugar; no grains; local grass fed protuens and organic veggies.) Most paleo people are also non -dairy; but I keep mine minimal( got a "thing" for yogurt). I did this to help lower the inflammation in my body; minimizing arthritis and basically just to feel better. The bonus is a 23lb weight loss...I only mention this diet because it really gets us back to the basic foods that our grandparents grew; and keeps us in touch with the land. Good luck on your health journey. And the cig. Cravings do go away in time. Still working on those chocolate cravings...blessings-K.


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