Saturday, February 20, 2010

Raised Beds Planting The Garden

This morning I started with two raised beds for my strawberries. Although I put up 24 pints of strawberry jam last year, I had to fight the birds, chipmunks, and the family dog every step of the way. A ground hog once found my strawberry patch, and can't find it anymore .

It's not perfect, I should have asked an engineer to help me.

So what? LOL....

Same bed this evening Hotcapped,

As you can tell, buy the early morning sun, I started my first raised bed a little after 0700 this morning. I wanted to take a pic before I got done, but I didn't want to wake the wife. So here is a pic of my first raised bed covered in a frost proof cover.

So what is a hotcap? It's a mini green house. After planting and watering your plants, place a wax paper dome over the plant to avoid frost, temper the plants enviroment, keep the moister in, and heat the soil.

You can purchase hotcaps, I make my own for about 4 cents each, to buy them you can expect to pay about 50 cents each.

So I planted 108 strawberry plant this morning, and got on with planting my trees and bushes. I was hard at work today, and I will take some pics tomorrow to share.

I planted 108 strawberrys, 37 trees, and 38 bushes today.

I think I made one mistake with my raspberries, I gotta look into that, but there planted. Because their still asleep, I have some time.

The chicks are now ugly, growing some feathers here and there. I make sure to pick them all up every evening when adding food and water. I even talk to them for social value, and handle all 8 chicks everyday.

I still have to build a carrot box, and I need to set my peas.

I ran out of time today, I did get everything I planted watered today, and I am worried about my grapes.

Tomorrow I still have to dig 10 holes and set the post. I hope my grapes will be doing better.

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