Saturday, February 20, 2010

Keeping Green Part 2

Well the sinus thing is in full swing here, and I tried Frees ginger mix, clears your head thats for sure. I am following the instructions and found that boiling the ginger is my method. I chewed on some today but let me tell you its spicy but I know it will handle those free radicals and boost my system. I find that recipe my uncle gave me to be pretty pungent as it contains a lot of raw garlic so for the evening w/ everything its also green tea. Between the ginger/garlic I smell pretty sweet.

Here is a pic of the new window I installed in the dining room, this would be the wind side of the house.

I put the paneling back up without trimming for the new window. One reason why waste the time/energy when we are going to be dry walling soon any way? Plus the hole I made bigger for the new switches, the paneling was just shattering rather than cut, and I was using a fine toothed blade. I figure the years that it has been up has cause it/glue to become brittle.

Being sick, out in the middle of the woods, I figured I better run into town and get some supplies before the big storm hits. I also took a tarp I had and covered the girls run up so they can get outside as we're expect 12-14 inches of snow in the next 36 hours. Who wants some snow? I will pack a whole box up and ship it flat rate to you. LOL...

I doubt I will attempt the finishing of the bathroom if I am still ill. I haven't taken a sick day off of work in years, I even worked today. But if this thing doesn't turn around tonight, I will have to take some time off work to let my body heal. I always say I am going to take the day off but never do properly anyway.

I don't like being sick, I guess nobody does, but me, I only get ill a few times a year, or couple times a year. When I am sick I am a big baby and I get on DW nerves. Moaning and groaning will get you nadda around these parts but better yet a smack down for whining and not taking anything over the counter. So I stopped whining verbally and just getting on with it. If it doesn't turn around by Monday I will have to go see Doc to get some help. I will fight it out for now.

I am ready for spring, and I swear on a slice of bread, if that ground hog doesn't see his shadow next year. I am going to shoot him and stew him in my pot with veggies, and eat him.

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