Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trying To Save My Crops

I did my best to treat my taters from the blight, the fungus spread quicker than any one expected. I have 100 pounds this year from all four baskets.

And it is what it is, a sad state for crops.

I am just about to give up on my pumpkins, but holding out to let the plants die.

My onions are smaller due to all the wet weather and lack of hot days this year, and I just finished canning blackberry jam.

One freezer is filled with green beans, corn, wax beans, carrots I didn't think would store well, squash, egg plant, peppers, and bell peppers. They bells I didn't stuff, I dried for soups and put into my cellar. I am pleased with the amount of berries I was able to freeze this year.

I have cleaned my generator and its ready to use if needed. I have 5 of 16 cords of wood split and stacked on pallets, I'll get hot and heavy on it when the weather is more cool.

The pool only got used a dozen or so times this year, due to the cool weather, I'll winterize it next week.

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