Saturday, February 20, 2010

Deer, snow in the back yard!!

We were lined up to get 6 more inches last night, that didn't happen!!! However we did get 4 inches.... I plowed about 10 last night and headed back up this morning on the plow. Only a half inch fell today, and they are expecting another 4-6 again tonite.... But it is what it is, a season that should only come and go when I agree it should. While we're at it, I wanna take time off winter, add it to spring and some to summer, the beginning part of summer too, and the added time to the back side of spring. So I guess what I am saying, we need to create a new season call SPRIMER. SPRIMER is the time taken from winter and placed between spring and summer.

Three cheers for SPRIMER!!!

I am feeling a little better today and I was able to eat a full meal today. Although some stuff sat well, others didn't when I was feeling ill.

I counted 7 deer last night that showed up to the feed I put out. I don't do it very much once a year or twice, never the same spot thou. The picture was taken through a window as not to spook the fellas. As you can see they look pretty healthy. The bucks have since lost their horns, and I was pleased to sex the largest deer of the group to be the buck I was I saw last week. Can I get that to go please!!

The other two not in the photo were up the hill a little, just out of the cameras view.

I am looking forward to making my cold smoking video soon, I am saving a leg of deer, I will have some salted cod, some trout, jerky and bologna to smoke all at once. I might do some pork chops as well, but I will need to be careful of my temps. I might smoke a loin as well, I will decide a couple days before. Cold smoking is a wonderful self sufficient way to preserve and add flavor to meats, jerky as well as cheese.

I also have some canning to do before long, being ill the last week and a half has put me off as I was going to have all my canning done by now. But I will get it done. Sometimes being self sufficient has challenges.

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