Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chicks/Chickens for eggs

The chicks are so cute, not to mention I have a runt.

They play follow the leader, they run and play, eat, poop, drink... and sleep... Did I mention they run, play, eat, poop and sleep?

I do have a runt, not because the others are picking on her, she seems to be laid back. I handle all the chicks a couple times everyday to make them more social. I put my hand down and she is the first to hop on it.

The other chicks also look out of the brooder now, and seem to know there is a bigger world out there.

They are so tiny, I was scared that I might crush them with my big rough hands. I scooped them up, and just held them without feeling them, and placed them in a box to come home.

In the brooder I built for them last month.

I think they have already doubled in size since noon, lol...

One minute their sleeping, next they are wanting to know why are you eating that? That's mine...

At first they all huddled together, and I was worried about the heat. But once they warmed up, they acted like a heard. Some would stand, fall over when they slept, others just laid there pecking at crumbs. Then when one gets all excited, they all do what that one was doing.

They are all comfy, and stop and rest/sleep when they want, where ever they see fit.

All they seem to do is eat, poop, sleep and drink water.

I can't pick her out yet, but there is one bossy one.

This was a great tension ice breaker for my family today. Even though you might not show stress to to your children, I think they can see/feel it.

Chicks are so cute, look I am not getting all soft and stuff, some of them are going to be good eats one day. Well maybe, they might become guard chickens. When their done laying, it's chicken bootcamp

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