Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bean Tree Idea

So after work today, I started this wacky idea of mine. I lay no claim to be the first person to come up with this idea, and this idea came to me last night while thinking about a small space I have in my garden that needs to be used.

Because I have my garden mapped out already, I have a small space at one end of my raised beds that needs to be used. So I am going to make a bean tree.

Imagen a 12 inch metal disk with holes around the edge of it, these holes will be used to tie the string to. Now imagen that welded to the top of a metal pipe ( I have some from the analog antenna not being used for anything ). Now imagen putting this in the ground with the disk at the top, pulling the strings out away from the pole and placing them in the ground using small steaks. Of course the bottom would be 24 inches away from each side creating a four foot circle at the bottom, like a christmas tree looking thing.

Making sure the strings are tight/secured to the ground, I would plant my pole beans at the bottom and train them to climb up the string. Good idea? or silly?

I think it would add some interest in my garden as well as function. Now I know I will paint the metal pole brown like tree bark and the top disk green.

See when its raining outside, I get too much time on my hands and start thinking again..

Now the top.....

Its going to be a pain to tie some 40 pieces of string.

Using up space while adding a double take for rubber neckers. LOL...

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