Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Is Here!

The snow keeps coming and coming, I keep plowing/shoveling/plowing as the lake effects snow pounds us.

I made some gifts for certain folks including my mentor Jim, who isn't doing really well right now. I figure he won't get out and work his body some or even walk a couple miles a day to help himself get better. I know I have taken on several health issues in recent months only because of the ill effects to my health.

I continue to be smoke free, and from time to time I do get those urges to smoke, but they soon pass.

The kids have settled with the puppy having to go, although as unemotional I can be in real life, I tend to keep a kinder heart and softer words for my children when dealing with matters like this. The simple idea that Sarah needed instruction I couldn't give her is what I explained to them. DS works outside with me often so he understands me more. As far as DD goes, her tears of hurt tends to make me explain it to her more and more. I can see that she is hurting and I want to fix the problem, but the solution isn't a good one, hence the problem in the first place. So I just relax and offer a shoulder to cry on and offer words/ideas of our new puppy in the near future.

In a few weeks I will begin and finish a few projects that need to get done and so I can say I finished the jobs. I have to finish the bathroom as well as a new ceiling light in the kitchen. Again, I am so pleased I got the storm doors finished last fall, what a difference.

Seed magazines are already arriving, next to MEN and Nat Geo, they good reads for throne sitting and garden planing.

I know several fruit trees died last year, I will replace those as well .

I better go, I got dinner started, and its my night to cook.

Also I installed a new outdoor light in the snow, while 8 inches sat on the ground. The first one didn't work. I removed it trouble shot the wiring, looked good, took it back, purchased a new one different brand installed it and it works fine.

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