Monday, February 21, 2011

Middle East And Self Sufficiency, What Is Happening? Are You Ready!!!

As many of you know, I am not at all one to start a post about the ends times of conspiracy theories or from the biblical perspective. So what is going on in the times? Has the biblical predictions from the Bible come true?  Has the Incas calendar also given us the date 21 Dec 2012 as the last days?

What ever is going to happen, is going to do just that, happen. With the world as it is today, I am not shocked by everything that is happening. However, I have always suspected that I may need my live off the land and fend for myself/family might come in handy. I always thought we would some how live a remote plane crash, living for years till discovered by a drone or something. I also thought perhaps a Mad Max type thing might happen while we were over seas or caught off guard in a distance land. So I really never thought that my skills may be needed seriously in this life time. 

So here we are today, years of learning to live, grow, harvest, fish, hunt and the skills needed to live a Swiss Family Robinson type of life style. In truth, I am not sure where all this stuff is going in the world. I really have no clue at all. I do know that I am happy with my ability to survive in many more conditions than the rest of the general world, where kids don't even know what a potato looks like or their parents don't know how to grow!!!

What are you doing to get ready for your future?

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Latest Wacky Cold Frame Idea, I Thought About This While Reading a Seed Catalog

You know what is so cool about learning to be more self sufficient? When you dream up an idea, and you try it, if it doesn't work, you can shrug your shoulders and say oh well. Basically leave it at that....

Okay, so there I was sitting on the thrown reading a seed catalog, when I saw those heated mats for seedlings. SO I think that planted the seed for the base of this idea. Monday of this week, I spent the day removing ice that had damned itself 8 inches thick over the edge of the roof causing water to leak down through the new picture window. SO I decided to go purchase some roof heat cables to make sure it didn't happen again.

Well than I discovered the gutters had clogged, which caused the damning in the first place. I cleaned out the gutters, and thought well that solved that problem.

I have been thinking about my cold frame, and how to make it better and work for me earlier in the year.

Then that evening, I sat back on the thrown, reading the same catalog once again, I am planning my garden soon, and hoping spring will come sooner. Than like a divine intervention, it hit me like a ton of bricks!!!

Getting the idea yet?

SO there it was, a plan to do it... What????

Okay, if you understand how a cold frame works, great, if you don't check out a previous blogg on my cold frame. My cold frame

SO, I decided I would take the cables from the roof, and weave them into the soil of my cold frame so they will provide root growth and added warmth to help the plants grow. How simple is that?????

The cables are 100% water proof, and soft enough to be bent close together. With the added insulation inside my cold frame, this should help the plants to not freeze during winter. The added heat will also melt the snow on the windows so that I won't have to go out there every time it snows.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Self Sufficient In The Strangest Of Times, Growing Your Future Non-GMO Garden

I am not one that believes in the conspiracy theory, but as general rule I tend to think that a natural disaster is more likely to kill off a large number of the human race. Whether this be a biological or a weather, a time will come when you will need more than just food stores and fresh water.

There are a few things that you can do now to take care of your future, and the future of your family. In times like these, people will want to take advantage of you and perhaps kill you, or even just plunder your goods because that is all they know how to do, unlike us. There are many things we can discuss on this matter, from how to disguise your house and food storage areas, to gathering water and other items we need to live.

Today I want to talk about your future Non-GMO garden. You can first start out by purchasing a kit that has over 34,500 seeds ready to plant. Second you can store these seeds in a freezer for 25 years before you need to use them. So for 12 cents a month, $1.44 a year, you can feel safe in knowing that you have at your hands the life keeping seeds of plants that you can grow, harvest, and put up to keep you self sufficient for many years.

There are some cheaper kits are around, but I like the larger one I mentioned earlier.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Discussion 1 Billion Without Food 2011, Now With A Population of 7 Billion Coming, What Can You Do?

As we consider our diets, and the food we eat, lets consider production of the food. If your reading this than you already know that the Earth is at a point where the global population is 7 billion mouths to feed.
Companies are already making smaller packages of food, though the price has remained the same, the amount of product in a package has been reduced. Some companies have reduced the amount of product by as much as 28% in the last couple years.
People are becoming more aware of the crisis, even books are starting to tell the now untold story of the great Famine that is coming.
One of the smartest things you can do is learn how to grow, gather, hunt, and take care of yourself. I often think when I hear folks discuss where food comes from. I was shocked when I watch Food INC on hw some of the store bought food is grown, some how a cow with its side completely open, eating and processing food while looking at its insides, just isn't right. That is a animal that was being raised for its meat.

The wife and went to a restaurant because we had been out away from home, we don't go out often, so it was a treat having a meal presented to us already cooked. Now, if I hadn't seen the movie prior to eating that steak, I would have not questioned the food we were eating. So here is the fact, the steak that I got tasted like manure smells, I am not saying it taste like chit, I am saying it tasted the same as the manure smells, there is a difference. Now, I did mention it, and it was replaced, with the same tasting meat I had the first time. At the meal I ate all my breads and veggies just to get some substance in me.

I wonder how the world can support our population now as it is, and projected is 11 billion by 2045. I wonder if the GM food wil be so bad that we won't get any thing from it that will help us build our bodies. Rather just sustain it to allow it to live. Think about that for a second, I know there is nothing as good as a fresh right off the vine tomato, the taste it has compared to one bought at a store is night and day.

There are many aspects to think about the human race, and we know from the sexless blind blobs of fish  in the Oceans around China, that birth control also has its own effect on the environment. I would agree that we, humans are taking, taking and taking from the earth without solutions being made.

You and I can make a difference, and I know many people on line, as well in real life that are taking charge and doing something to be more self sufficient. Being self sufficient is the key word here, if you want the best food, learn to grow your own  make a step to learn, teach yourself, re-use everything you can, teach your children, teach your grand children.

There isn't to many reason not to grow something, even if its a 2 foot square plot, or a couple mater plants on the patio.... You can do something to help feed your own, and the rewards are wonderful. Some of my fond memories are those days of riding on the fender of Grandpa's tractor, and picking and clean veggies with my Mom and family on the farm.

When the boy and I made some sausage together year before last, I remember his face as we ate it. He mentioned how good it was, and how it was the best sausage he ever ate. It was good sausage made from pork and pheasant meat with seasonings. It might not have been the "best sausage" in the world, but it was good. I am sure that is a memory that kid will hold well into his adult life, and for his sake, I agreed it was the best sausage in the world.

One out of every seven people will be starving, I doubt we will be able to keep this pace up for hundreds of years to come.....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reclamation & Salvage Yards, We Need More Here In The USA, Find Treasure!!

Whether you’re after lighting, tiles, bricks, ironwork or other elements of a home and garden, salvage/reclamation yards is the perfect places to track down what you need – plus plenty you’ve never even dreamed of. Adding to your own style by adding decor that speaks "you" from another time era.

Rummaging around salvage/reclamation yards is a greate way to shop for your home. Instead of being thrown away, the building materials and contents from old houses and other buildings have been saved so they can become part of the fabric or interior of a different building – a green solution to improving your home.

Using pieces that don’t have the shine of newness will also give your house character, and you can bet you won’t go round to friends and find they’ve got exactly the same piece when you shop this way rather than on the high street.

Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion: for salvage/reclamation yards this means putting on boots and gloves so you can have a good look around.You may get a bargain, or the opportunity to ask for a better price if you’re buying lots at one go. However, be aware that in this case secondhand doesn’t necessarily equal cheap. Age and character can come at a cost.

At salvage/reclamation yards you can buy everything from the smallest finishing details for your home, such as door furniture, to building materials like roof tiles and timber flooring.

Consider looking for buys like: Fireplaces, Tile, Stained glass, Bricks, Garden statues, Lighting, Furniture, Radiators, Doors, Door knobs, Kick plates, Fireplace inserts, and the list goes on and on...

Keep an eye out too for interesting re-uses of original pieces – for example, mirrors made from sash windows. Or, if you want to give a dining area character, why not think about using church chairs or pews, both of which are plentiful. And if you want a custom feel in your home or garden, old signs and even classic wooden benches can be tracked down.

In Europe, there are these yards everywhere, and here in the US are some place like Habitat For Humanity and few odd and ends small stores. I think it would be great to have a store like this for every city that has a population over 1,000... Even a store hub in major locations would be great. It would be nice to take in some stuff we want to recycle, get a little cash, and bring home some great stuff..

Maybe I should start a small chain store like this, got junk is everywhere now and it started with just a handful of people and an idea of recycling goods to make money....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Hobby Farms Spring issue, Chickens, Another Freebie, Being Self Sufficient

You know, I supposed it could be self sufficient advertising because it was a freebie. Although it is a hen, I guess it could be a small roo, couldn't it?

As for the big winter storm that has hit many of you, I hope you put your self sufficient skills to work. Sure its cold, but also a good time to make some extra cash by removing snow for folks, and remember use common sense when asking to be paid. Its good for you, and that karma your building now will visit you later in life just when you needed it. Its times like these that put most folks on the spot, there is no doubt, if your reading my blog, you are doing as snug as a bug in a rug!!!

If your just ready this for the first time, join and follow my self sufficient lifestyle and how you can get back to living on the basics. By all means please share your ideas with me as well, I am always interested in learn new or how to do better......

I am kinda shocked to see how popular chickens are becoming, I know they bring a new joy to our lives as well as help us make our breakfast...