Saturday, February 20, 2010

Putting Food Up

Its been a while since a true update on supplies I have been putting up.

Corns in, carrots in, peas in, green beans are done, Thanks to ladies stockings, the onions are good to go.

I made a fresh sandbox for the carrots to winter store them.

I have dry packed shrooms, bells, and onions, for winter soups and food. This year I also made some fruit leather, it was rather sticky when chewed.

I did harvest a small batch of cukes, so I only canned 7 pints of pickles this year.

Its time for me to harvest my taters, well what I was able to save after the blight hit.

I still have some more canning to get done, and it will be a few more weeks before I will be happy enough to share with you folks some photos.

The weather has been cool, its been a strange year. All my brambles are doing great, with such a cool/wet summer, I fear a very cold winter is coming. So I am going to cut and stack two extra cords of wood just in case.

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