Saturday, February 20, 2010

Caught In The Hail

Well after being pelted by hail this afternoon, I ran into the woods to find safe cover. Arms covered with red dots, one on my ear, and little sore spots on my head. I shaded my eyes for protection and headed for the largest near by tree around. As it became heavy I was looking for something to put over my head and saw a piece of bark that would at least help. So made a mad dash, fell on the now wet leaves, pick myself up while being pelted yet even more by falling pieces of ice, now the size of small marbles. I grabbed the bark, ran carefully back to my cover, only to have my fingers hit a few times while holding the bark over my head for protection.

The clouds moved rather quickly in, and I had went up to spray my taters with an anti fungus spray. I heard one crack of thunder, within a minute large rain started mixed with the hail. I was closer to the woods than any out building or structure, I heard the hail hit the pond before it hit me, thats when I looked and saw it was hailing, thats when I dropped the sprayer and just headed for the woods.

It continued to hail for what seemed like a long time, maybe five minutes. I dropped down at the base of the tree and covered as much of my body as I could. Looking out I could see green leaves falling from being struck by hail, and the pieces hitting me were being slowed down by the leaves/branches overhead. One that hit the top of my foot didn't hit anything before it hit me, wow did it hurt. Its now black and blue.

As the rain continued, very heavy, big drops, I made my way to the back porch for safety, still carrying the bark over my head, it might have been 10 inches wide maybe 16 inches long. The water was rushing down the mountain and I had to cross one storm made stream, than I fell again as the earth was just washed out from under my feet. My bark broke, I threw it, and looked up at the sky while the rain smacked me in the face. What else could I do? Muddy on the front, soaked clean through to my underwear, muddy on the back now, miffed, I just had to laugh at myself.

While sitting there in the muddy water, dirt was filling in my shorts (both pairs), I got up on the side I was trying to get to, and made the last 40 feet back to the porch without falling or being pelted again by hail. The hail covered the area and made it slippery to walk over, the road was covered in smashed hail.

I rinsed off with the garden hose, stripped down as much as I could, came in and took a shower. While taking my shower the sun came back out. Talk about wrong place at the wrong time...

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