Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting back up on my feet, Thanks Friends!! Flowering peace sign!!

As I find a better way to deal with the death of my parents, I found strength in other places in my life I never dreamed of. How I, as the rock of of family, that they were my rock in the toughest of times for me. My parents would not want me to feel sorry for myself and stop living my life. They would want me to pull up my boots straps and drive on and be a good leader/husband/brother/father. Easier said than done, but I have been able to fight off any sort of mental depression and work through these senseless murders.
I would credit my way of life a positive ledge to lean on during these times as things still need to be done around here as the seasons change. I also am planning to replant my cold frame to grow veggies in the winter. I also wanna show and teach you a great cheap remote solar lighting idea this winter.
Thanks for your continued support, I plan to get back after the holidays. Thanks to all my Kindle subscribers and hang in there. Thanks to all  my on line friends and followers of my blog... To all of you, you have helped me get through these dark days, thank you so much.....
Please be at peace with each other and mother earth.... And so I planted with my parents in mind a snow crocus peace sign in my yard.

I hope the flowers bloom late winter and they pop up when snow is still on the ground!!! It is the sign of the times!!!!