Saturday, February 20, 2010

Earth Day 2009 Be Thankful

We often give and take from Mother Earth, today is her day for all of us to give back to her in return for all the things she gives to us.

I am thankful to Mother Earth;

When sunshine hits me in the face after winter. When the sunshine warms my face, and I see the blue sky, it warms my soul.

When the rain stops and the sun says hello, and the rays of the sun heat the ground.

When childern play after the winter and forget as soon as the sun goes down, how cold they will get.

When I labor hard, working her soil to grow food for my family. As my children grow I know the food they eat is healthy.

When I go trout fishing and don't catch anything, but watch the blue herring in the shallows catching minnows.

When my belly is full because my hunt was good.

When the gentle rain falls as I drift off to sleep.

When I see a hawk fly high in the sky, showing its freedom.

When a breeze flows and cools my body.

When I watch lighting light up the sky, and the thunder booms right overhead.

When I see animals living near me because I have left their home untouched.

When I whitness the most destructive creature on earth, humans, correcting their carbon impact.

When I help some one knowing what I am doing is good to the earth and helping a friend.

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