Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seeds Sit and Rot While The Rain Keeps Coming, Bored of Rain

First, I hold all those families in/near or being effected by the flood in my prayers.

It is true it has been a while since I have posted, and in truth I have been busy with other things other than my homestead. Although, it is true that I have many projects in the making, I finished a few of them including the mushrooms as you know.

I also made some small climbing trellises for veggies in the garden. I copied something I saw for sale some years ago, and found them to be small than the ones I made a few years ago. They are easy to move, and made them from cedar planks that were above my shop.

We have yet to plant the garden and get that going. I went to the mill today for some supplies only to find onion and tater seeds being sorted as more than 60% were rotting. There isn't many odors more awful than either of those two. John is upset by the loss, as are the farmers I was told.

Some farmers have had just enough time between the rain to drop a plow in and get that done. I have seen no fields that have been disced yet this year.

I have done yet another project I need to share with you as well soon, as soon as I can get out and shoot some frames.

I had set my garlic/onions/taters prior to all this rain. I do have small plants ready to go in soon. I also have currents (red/black) as well as cherries coming in now!! YIPPY!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

How To Make And Grow Your Own Mushroom Logs, More Self Sufficient Ideas

I know many of you have been waiting for me to complete this video this spring. So it is now completed, and I also want to share a good reliable source for you to purchase your spores from.

This self sufficient task was so easy to do and gives years of rewards. If your in need of getting your hands on some white oak logs, be sure to ask your friends that own land, or find a saw mill near by. A logging company would be happy to sell you or give you some branches from a white oak tree they have harvested for wood. People really get interested when you start to explain to them what your doing with the logs.

Remember to place the log in a shaded area, where there isn't a lot of wind. If you need to build a wind break, do so. Also remember to place your logs just above the ground on some other logs or an old pallet.

If you start this spring, you will get a few in the fall, but expect full production to start next spring.

If you don't have the means to get your hands on the wood, but you want to try it out on the cheap. Try purchasing one of these, for the cost of this single purchase, it will pay for itself the first time it grows Mushrooms for you. Just follow the simple instructions included and you will be little more self sufficient. Its a real fun project to share with others..