Saturday, February 20, 2010

First 100% SS Meal !!!

I feel positive that my diet has been pretty good, the last time we ate out was when we went to the strip district. We don't like to eat out because you just don't really know what your putting into your mouth. I eat more grains/nuts than ever before as well as lean meat. I also am careful about how much cheese I eat and which types of cheese. I know I eat about 6 servings of veggies a day if not more. I have leftovers for lunch about everyday and add fruit.

However, sometimes, somethings, you just can't change. Like bacon, there is no meat that can take the place of bacon, in the world. I am currently reading and understanding how to make my own bacon better as I continue my quest to being self sufficient. Bacon is a comfort food to me, and I think cold be a asset to learn as part of m homesteading skills. This is as much of an adventure as it is a skill I am learning.

I also am careful about my meals during the week. Because I have been so ill, this week has been a rough one as far as food. So I feel a little better today, and decided I would have a meal with some fat in it. Sausage and bacon in the same meal....

However my sausage (pheasant and pork loin) doesn't contain huge amounts of fat, in fact has to be cooked in olive oil. The bacon, well it is what it is, under seasoned,  but the peppers are stuffed with cream cheese and chives.

The above meal was all prepared by me, the pheasant I harvested, pork/bacon I bought locally, I grew peppers, smoked the bacon myself, and I grew the corn and vac packed the same day I picked it. The sausage was the last thing I made and its been a couple months in the freezer.

I don't measure the sausage while making it, I tell DS that's good and he stops the stuffer.

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