Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Cook Some Good Fish

Back in VA my old neighbor Gail taught me how to cook fish. She told me using buttermilk to marinade the fish in for 10 minutes before cooking, would soften and remove some of the stronger fish taste. When Gail showed me her fry pan, I almost fell over.

It was a 16 inch cast iron skillet, that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a few years. The sides had crusted burnt stuff built up on it, but the oil was fresh. I had to ask why she didn't clean it? Gail said she'd clean her fry pan every time she changed the oil with just mild soap and water. Every year or so she'd give it a good scrub down. Of course I thought she was nuts, till she let me taste her fried fish. It was the best fish I ever ate, it was so good, fall apart in your mouth, and the basic flour batter tasted like a Chef had made it.

Well, after she shared her secret with me, I too have a fish pan, just not as big as hers. I am not much of a organ eater, but she could cook up some mean livers and gizzards ( pass the Tabassco please ). I cooked up a batch of Smelt just last week in my fish pan. Of course the kids aren't to fond of fish, I say-eat it its good for you.

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