Saturday, February 20, 2010

Guineas Go Free Range

I put the Guinea fowl in the coop today with the chickens, this is temperary living quarters for them. They aren't big enough to free range yet, or are they? Their 6 weeks old this week. I really want them to be able to fly before I turn them loose, to get away from any preditors on the ground.

Last weekend Danielle noticed that two redtail hawks were flying over the coop, having a look see no doubt. With the guinea being so small, I think that they might fall prey to one of those hawks.

Do you remember that turkey hanging around some weeks ago? Well, she has decided to hang around and I have spotted her roosting just past the woodline from my yard. Judy said she spotted a hen with little ones on the logging road last week.

Since those nesting hawks have moved out year before last, the amount of critters and fowl have been slowly on the rise. I still haven't seen any bunnys yet. I did make to brush piles in the hopes that some might move in.

Today I plan to put up another bat box on the other side of the pond, I am positive it will have new residents in a very short period of time. My bird house guords remain empty and I might place some nesting material in the to encourage birds to move in, any ideas?

Now that the warm weather has returned, the grapes seem to be coming back, but ever so slowly. I am sure I made the correct soil conditions for them, but I am no expert.

Dale and Jodi are having their annual summer get together in a few weeks, where I present a semi-pro fireworks display. Most of my presentations last for 10 minutes or so with something going off every 5 seconds or so. I took a class a few years ago and learned how to rig and time a display.

With the garden in, and nearly weed free, its time to get my fishing gear out and do some fishing. I am really hoping to add some yellow perch to my pond this year. I added some shad last year in hopes they will produce feeder fish to the pond for the bass. It will be a couple more years before I will know they lived.

I finished smoking my own bacon yesterday. I soak it in a brine for a day or so depending how much it weighs. Than I hang it in the smokehouse where I used 80% hickory 20% applewood as the smoke flavoring. I have a small slicer, when I trim the ends, I cut them very thick, a 1/2 inch or so before I start cutting bacon. We use these end pieces for bean soups and such.

Next weekend I plan to start pulling out dead logs/fallen trees from my woods to use as firewood this winter. I took a mosey around a few weeks ago to scout out how much wood there will be, its time to buy firewood now instead of later in the fall. The prices for a full cord right now is $125, in the fall it will rise to $175-$185 depending who and what type of wood.

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