Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trip To The City

We decided to head into the big city yesterday, so we headed to the Strip District in Pittsburgh.

The Stripe District is made up of old world markets, everything from clothes to hand made food from every culture in the world. Indian spice shops, Mexican food and clothing, Asian food and supplies, and then there is my favorite shop in the world, the Italian/cheese shop.

Salted dried fish hanging from the rafters, serous... thousands of different cheeses, blocks of fetta the size of shoe boxes, weird shaped 6-7 pounds of fresh unsalted butter, 20-30 5 gal buckets filled with all sorts of olives and pickled veggies. Old world smoked and dried meats, salami of a dozen different types.

After purchasing 3 pounds of Double Gloucester, 2 pounds of fresh made fetta, 2 pounds of 5 County Cheddar, we headed to the bread shop where we purchased several loafs of different breads. We than headed to the Asian market where I picked up some Kimchi and Gogi Gui (korean bbq) sauce.

If your ever around Pittsburgh, its well worth stopping in for the day shopping in the District. Everything is very cheap but of good quality. Always bring a cart or back pack to carry your stuff around.

The money we spent yesterday was the money we saved from not smoking anymore.

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