Saturday, February 20, 2010

Helping a Friend

With spring here, some warm weather, there has been tons of work to do. I have also taken on more work to help Paul Sr. and his wife Reenie.

Paul Sr. had a stroke last April, at 74 y/o he has been working at a local store to have income from his farming days. I am not sure if he ever planned his way in life, but he is not only a hard worker, but also a data hub. Since his stroke, he has been a hard fighter. He doesn't have much use of his left hand anymore and hobbles around dragging his left leg. But I pay no notice, and visit with him looking to help him anyway that doesn't seem like a favor.

I know now, as I listened to him before his stroke, he is a hard worker not willing to quit. Sometimes, you gotta read into folks to what they are telling you, and give them the space they need to live their comfort zone. I speak of old folks now, and some will say I am a kid. That's okay by me, what I am saying is not all old folks want to be pampered.

I visited with Reenie and Paul Sr. 3 weeks ago. I went to their house where Reenie welcomed me in and I took off my shoes at the door. Her grand kids don't even take off their shoes, she gets fussy with them, so I noted.

She offered me some homemade strawberry rubarb pie, which I jumped on, and she offered a cold glass of milk, which I jumped on. Paul Sr. was in the barn working on a tractor, I had asked where he was at. I thought she seemed sad, but figured she was feeling a bit down helping Paul Sr. so much.

Reenie took my plate, and walked into the kitchen. She came back in and told me she was going in to have a Knee replaced and was worried about Paul Sr. She went on and said she would be gone for more than two weeks and all their family members would take care of Paul Sr. and made sure he wasn't left alone one single night. She asked me to look after Paul Sr.s garden so he could visit with her.

Understanding what she was asking me, making it no big deal, I told her not to worry and quickly changed the subject.

So I got their garden tilled, rocks removed (small ones that come up every year), and moved his compost pile over with the tractor and tilled it in using my new tiller I bartered from Albert. Planted Peas and cabbage.

I promise to take some pics of my hedge rows/garden and new orchard asap, I also wanna share some taters pics.

I got my own peas in today and will be making the cages for my raised beds tomorrow.

There is always something to do because I fee like I am always behind.

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