Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paul Sr. Visit Inspiring Others To Be More SS

Paul Sr. came by to visit last night, he and I took a mosey around the property. He said he hadn't seen the farm in such good shape, ever. Paul and his brother Ray ran the dairy farm where Judy now lives. The milk house is up above my place on the top of the mountain at Pauls Sr. house. The man that built and lived in this house was a farm hand that married Paul Sr. sister.

He had never seen potatos being grown above ground before. He also really took a great interest in the two new orchards I put in early spring. I explained why they are far apart in two different areas, he was impressed with my level of understanding how to work the land. When he walked around my garden, he couldn't believe how nice it is and how well my veggies are doing compaired to his.

The reason he came down was to ask me why my corn up on his property is doing so well compared to his. He had planted two weeks sooner, my corn is more than twice the size of his. He wasn't home the day I planted so he didn't see me compost the rows before I planted. I just did the areas/rows where I was going to plant as not to waste composting material. The second reason mine is doing better is soil temp. I am going to refer back to my Country Wisdom book, it said if you plant corn too early you risk shocking the new roots if it gets cold. The plant will react by slowing down its growth.

He kind of looked at me like he just learned something from me that he didn't know. I am sure he had learned that so many years ago and it has since slipped his mind.

He had once said not so long ago that my energy has brought the valley back to life. I guess with Judy & Lil putting in a garden the first time in so many years, me planting crops on his land, and having such a interesting garden, hedge rows and the new orchards. I suppose it could inspire people, well I am sure it does, a good example is so many of you using my basket idea for growing taters.

If I can inspire people to become more SS, and be kinder people to each other I have accoplished something I hadn't planned on. That is a wonderful thing to feel happy about, I like being a do gooder.

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