Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birds Are Doing Great

A lot has been done in the garden since my last pics, the funky bean tree is now called Jacks Stalk. I also added another trellis made from Jute and tree limbs I trimmed out from a Maple tree.

The guineas/ginneys are getting big and taking shape, even making a lot of noise. I have started to imprint them with a ginny call when I bring food to them, even water. I took out their food and water this evening, yelled my ginny call and introduced their feed and water back to them 20 minutes later. When I called, necks stretched, they were looking for good eats. I don't expect them to act like chickens, but hope my imprint brings them home when I call them in.

The hens are doing great, I think my imprint has worked fine and seem to be kind and social. None of them run when I enter the coop, they look at me and ask wheres the treat?

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