Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Planning Your Garden Out, Spring Is Coming Part One

In 17 days spring will be here!!! One of the most rewarding easy to do self sufficient ideas is to plant a garden. Though there is a complete science behind gardening, I want to explain to you why planing your garden out prior to purchasing seeds and getting the soil ready is important.

Prior to this year, I never really thought out planting my garden. Have you ever really thought out what your going to plant? Before this year I would plan out my garden, plant my seedlings or sow my seeds. I just planted the standard veggies and took great pride in raising a good crop.

Never before this year have I thought more in depth what I am going to grow. Our goal, at the end of the harvest season is to have good food to put into our bodies that aren't grown with harsh chemicals. Through the growing season we have worked hard to grow our food, and the rewards are great.

I wanted more from my garden this year because my body needs more nutrition than I was aware before. After watching Food Inc. I began to think more about why my freezer is 25% filled with corn instead of other veggies that have more nutrition and are better for me.

Have you ever grown a veggie that you didn't like? Was Mom right when she told us to eat our sprouts even though we didn't like them?

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