Saturday, February 20, 2010

Garden Worries

Hi folks... I hope you have been busy in your garden, as I have been to save my potato plants from the blight. Everyday I have been washing my plants, hoping to have a crop of my own. I planted my taters on the down wind side of the hill in order to control the flow. I planted one basket on the up sweep side, which was killed by the late frost in spring.

The rainy season has stumped my onions, their now drying, little buggers as they are. I harvested maybe 18 pounds of shallots But the summer squash/zucs are dead as soon as they grow.

My cuke plants went yellow, no hope of pickles. The Garlic rotted in the ground, tops were gone, couldn't even find them.

My berry crop was really good this year, I plan to barter some of my jam for other things I need. I have a total of 24 pints I can spare, outside of what my family consumes.

I can't trade with the Amish, I look to sell my pints at a show. I can use that money to buy pickles or cukes to pickle myself without digging to deep into my ss fund.

I also processed those tomatoes already to make sauce and now know I need even more to get through the winter.

So it has been a ss nightmare to say the least. But presented with these challenges it inspires me to deal with it and find a way to work through hard times. If I can sell my jam, that would be good. I still am selling my eggs for $2 a dozen, that is adding to my ss fund. Above feeding, its about $1 a dozen profit.

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