Saturday, February 20, 2010

Moms Table We Made In 1977

I had a wonderful visit with my stepdad Bobby today, to be honest it was more than wonderful, one of the top ten best days of my life. To be honest, soft tears came down my face when I saw this table. Memories were quick to come to me, and from time to time, I always wondered what happened to that table.

It was winter time, after Christmas, 1977 when my Mom brought this table in the house. It was rickety, covered with black and white zebra patterned contact paper. The best I can remember is that she had gotton it from a barn somewhere.

Mom patted me on the back and said "heres our weekend project little buddy", after she shook the cold off, we started to remove that contact paper. So in the middle of doing that she went to her bedroom and came out with some loose papers from some books that she had or maybe books that were nearly falling apart. Mom wouldn't have torn up perfectly good books, so I am not sure the source of the pictures.

We removed the sticky glue, gave it a good sand, and she painted it with flat black stove paint. Spinning on the record player was a John Denver album. It was nearing dinner so she set the table in the back room to dry over night. She fixed dinner and came into the livingroom with a cookie sheet. Then she cut the photos, and burned the edges.

The following day, she applied then to the table and with whiteout wrote the dates under the pictures of when they were taken. Than she clear coated it several times, some of the photos bubbled as they weren't applied all the way or something. We created this pioneering decoupage together.

Its in rough shape now, being stored in a grainery the last 28 years. But its back home now....

My mom was in every aspect a pioneering woman, it wasn't a choice we had, it was a lifestyle we were living because of poverty. But, saying that, I always had on clothes on my back, three meals a day, music and games, family and the great outdoors. We always had meat, veggies and bread. Oh yes and egg custard something everyday.

As I am typing, I am trying to express to you the warm emotions I am feeling right now, I just can't find the words. I can't tell you enough about how happy I am to have this now. I don't have many things, just a small handful of photos, a birdfeeder I made my Mom, and this wonderful table. My Mom was a hero to me, she was strong headed and very smart.

( If you have some information of which book these pictures came from let me know )

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