Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why Be A Modern Pioneer? 33 years later.. Pioneering Table Is Home Now

I am going to start this by saying, and its no big secret, that I am not a writer. My grammar is bad, my use of the English language is real bad, and my spelling or use in certain words isn't correct. I am blogging, writing articles about what I do here on my homestead and how my life being Self Sufficient is going. I hope to land my own show on network TV in the future. It isn't my base goal, its for my fans, the reason I get out there and get new ideas and put them to the test. I also like the rewards, and the failures just as much.

In the event your just joining me in my wacky adventures, let me introduce myself. My name is Jason, I live on a mountain side, own 5 acres of crazy homestead. I was raised on a hog farm a few hours from here. When factory farming went full swing, we lost our farm to the bank. SO I had to move to the big city when I was 14 y/o and leave country living at its finest.

My SS (self sufficient) started as a hobby, and then as I got into it, it pulled me in. I am not trying to live off grid, but my goal is to live a self supportive lifestyle and work the soil, hunt for food, gather food, and harvest food from its roots with little impact and as healthy as possible.

I am no stranger to pioneering, why we had a wood cook stove in the kitchen to cook on, and used to help heat the house. We made/canned/hunted/gathered/provided our own food whenever possible. Yes we were poor, and it was a way of life for me as a child.

I agree that my wife supports me in my adventures, but isn't fully on board and might not ever be. But thats okay....

It was in the days of my youth, I believe in 1977 or 1978, sure it was 78 though. Mom brought this old farm house table home which was covered in white/black zebra striped tack paper. It was a winter project that we did together, as a family... After leaving the farm, splitting up with my step dad and mom, they would also split later on, I never knew what happened to that table. I asked my step dad one time, he said he had it stored in a barn and I could have it if I wanted it. I smiled from ear to ear with joy to see it so many years later. Mom has been long gone now, but its a wonderful reminder of togetherness, and love... It was a re-purpose project, so she taught me a lot about loving people and the earth.. You wanna see some pics?


  1. Maureen Taylor "The Photo Detective" helps with figuring out old photos.
    Enjoy your blog and FB page.

  2. That's a very cool story! It's the memories that are so precious. Thanks!