Sunday, April 17, 2011

Morel Mushroom Book Review, 5 Stars!

From time to time, I will support a product and suggest it to my blogger friends. There are three reasons why I do this.
1. I like to expand my own knowledge and put what I learned into practice or keep it upstairs for future use.
2. When I finish a book, I can come here and let you know what I think of the book and suggest it so you can expand your own self sufficient lifestyle if you so desire.
3. I get a 6% commission from anything people buy from Amazon when they follow my links. It doesn't matter what you buy there after you follow my link. The added income allows me to purchase new books to read. So please support me if you can.

Morel Hunting

I found this book to be a awesome add to for my own self sufficient gather skills. It is filled with tips and tricks and can make you hunt for more Morel in public areas or on your own land. It was an easy read, 105 pages long, straight forward, and filled with color photos to teach you many different aspects of Morel Mushroom hunting. I learned a lot from the book, and it was easy on my wallet! I hate to use the word CHEAP because it under minds the product, but this book is a steal/value. There are even some recipes and cooking tips inside.

When I finished the book, I thought how nice it was to read something where the writer is directing you "how to" and then teaching you how to cook them in different ways. I enjoyed reading it, and I am sure you will be pleased with it to...

On the subject of fungi, I completed my mushroom logs day before yesterday. If not for the rain, I would have some photos, but I will do that on another post.

Have a great day my friends and be sure to get that book, and get out in the great outdoors and start hunting. Also, while we are Geo Caching, we also hunt for fungi...

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