Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting Over Wrapped In Some Projects, Still Reading For You..

I have been seriously wrapped up in a few projects, and yesterday was great. I spent Sunday morning like every other in church at the Crossfire campus. It rocks!!! No, I mean it, we rock to old hymns as well as new ones.

As I am happy to help when I can, I took on a advertisement project for Sean to launch the next step in church. I always think I know what I am taking on until I get into it and look outside to what I created around me. But again I am always happy to help when my heart says to.

Later yesterday, I joined my christian bros and sisters at a turkey hunting event. That was nice, and a self sufficient skill, and I learned how to work a couple new calls... Late yesterday afternoon I hit the garden for a deep till, trying to get the very bottom turned back up and ready to till in some leaf mulch I am making, and some other organic stuff.

My last year to add in the gypsum, to make the clay brake down into loamy soil. I also will be adding 1 ton of sand this year. Basket taters going in soon as well. Be sure to make a note for the newest video, there is going to be some new useful info about " how to " and I promise you HUGE YIELDS this year...

Still reviewing/reading a couple fungi books for you to consider purchasing.

This week, be on the look out for the up coming " Fungi Pyramid " project I hope to finish very soon.

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