Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tiller Is On!! Rain Rain Go Away SO I Can Go Out And Play!

I had adjusted my pto shaft, cut the ends off with a cut off wheel so that it fit my tractor properly. I checked all the gear oil levels, greased all the areas that needed to be done..... Facing the door, it was open, and I just watched it rain and snow. I did connect with my inner child, and pretended I was driving and tilling my garden.

Currently, I have a cold and soar throat, taking my tea, but not as often as I should. Because of the weather I am in a holding pattern right now on what I need to do. I do have projects I need to get done, but no energy to do them. I only have enough energy to do what I want to do. I know its selfish to behave this way, but when I am sick I am like that.

Judy bought herself a calf in the last few weeks, something I think isn't wise because of the lifestyle she lives since Lilly died. Its not her alternative lifestyle I am speaking of, each their own on that, but how much she isn't home these days. I will be sure to keep an eye open and watch for health issues.

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