Monday, April 4, 2011

A Weedless Garden, Cheap Organic Approach, See Pics, Till It In

Is gardening an issue because of time? Or do you want to have a more weedless garden without spending hundreds of dollars? I tested this after the "bio paper" stuff came out. To be honest, I tested this already and put down several store bought rolls that were even cheaper at a box store. But they failed within weeks, some within days. Weeds/grass started to poke through within a few weeks.

I found one product that does work is reasonably priced, and provides a season of weed free gardening, and then can be tilled in before your winter cover crop is seeded. I can row plant, it is 48 inches wide, and its thickness isn't beaten down by rain or poked through by weeds.

I always look for reasonable ways to lesson my time in the garden, its more time I can set to other projects and my family. I also use newspapers and grass clippings in short rows.

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