Monday, April 11, 2011

Embracing What Is Near You Or On Your Property, Organic Food In Zero Space

As I begin to teach/show you a few ideas in the next coming weeks, I want to remind you to seek out your own property and how to use it to your advantage.

Sean and I were talking, he is mention about he and his wifes desire to have organic food, but not sure how to or what veggies are shade tolerate. Sure, as you know I invited them to join us here or on FB to look and learn from all of us. We all share and help each other, and sometimes I find solutions to problems through reading what worked for you.

Growing in gutters was my first pitch, as he said he had a rabbit that lived near by and visited with them often. I also mention container growing as Danielle mentioned growing in plastic bags.

Get to know your property, and what you have on it, Erin and her husband planted blackberry bushes in downtown Baltimore last year. So they will harvest fruit from it this year. So along a ugly wall you can plant food to have at your finger tips.

Never think it is silly or stupid to plant just a couple small simple bushes, your doing something to feed yourself.

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