Friday, April 8, 2011

Alfalfa Tilled The Pellets In, Why? Pioneering Tools, Fungi Trees Located

Alfalfa pellet is a great organic additive even if you do a green crop over winter. At $8 for 50 pound bags, I always dump in 400 pounds, and spread it out. the processing kills all seeds in the processing.  Later in the year I will add more organic materials along with some poop from a local farmer. I will also share my chicken poo tea recipe with you later this year.

As my adventure as a modern pioneer continues, I want to keep it real. So I am purchasing hand tools used during the 1800's whenever possible. I wanna feel what it felt like back in the day to prepare/and live a life as a homesteader.

I have located the two white oak trees that will serve as my fungi food bank this year. I also have a couple Mushroom books to review for you soon. I have three books that I decided two will be great. I decided to do a video for you on that as well.

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