Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Finished My Signature Tree of Life Today, Self Sufficient Skills

So I finished my siggie piece today, The Tree of Life, its headed down to the Gallery tomorrow. I am still considering price right now, so besides the folks in my shop, your are the first peeps to see it.

As I show pictures, I will explain more to you as there are different reasons for building this.

The four branches represents the ten year blocks of my life and its up/downs/struggles. As an artist my subject matter changes with the way I am feeling or what the purpose the item is. I am not going into great detail of the four branches and why they are shaped the way they are. All the info about this lamp is in a book that goes with the lamp and its new future owner.

The patina is my siggie patina and is completed to a highly desirable earth tone using liver of sulfur mixed with my secret other ingredient which the recipe will die with me as other well know Coppersmiths have done. There is little to no information on some artist patina formula.

One with Mother Earth brought the root system to life in this piece and with this piece, perhaps my last representation of the Art Nouveau transition to the Arts and Crafts style which is heavily represented like no other piece I have done to date.

When I design and make a piece, its a passion or love for what I am doing. So to get the best work possible in my siggie pieces I work on them when I want. I still have one that is laying covered in dirt and dust. When I feel the right time, I will complete it. Each of the four panels was hand filed to completion for detail taken from my sketch template. That template will go into my lifes work folder with my past/current/future works. This piece is signed/dated/numbered/embossed with my personal stamp given/designed by Jim. Its my registered trade mark with the Guilds of Master Craftsmen.
While in the middle of this piece I was inspired to complete yet another piece that I have been designing for 5 years now. The amount of detail and different materials will showcase some of my more skilled level of work. I expect the next piece to take almost a year to build from start to finish. Working for myself, being SS also means I can make a living while at the same time work and design some of my own signature pieces which is used for my personal income gain.

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