Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Have Started Planning My Garden Here Is A Sample Layout

So I started planning my garden and you might have guessed which book I was going to grab first? If you said my Country Wisdom & Know-How book you are correct.
I could spend all day telling you how wonderful/useful this book is.
I scanned a picture from this book to use on my blog to show you this book is awesome!!! For as little as $6.96 this book retails for $19.99, it can be yours!!

So using this layout has given me a good start on how I am going to plant my garden, at least the bottom end of my garden. I already have a carrot box, so I am going to modify this for my own use. I will triple my spinach crop this year, I love spinach, but not mustard greens. Although I was fond of Gails greens that were made with smoked jowl and onions. I might have to come up with my own recipe.
Wondering about the flavor of Swiss Chard??? What does it taste like??

Also canned beets this year, recipes?

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