Monday, March 8, 2010

Raised Beds, Bees Wax And Cheap Materials, Be Informed...

When we think about raised beds, we think about how long will they last?

Time and time again I see raised beds made from wood that was made to last, pressure treated or creosote treated railroad ties. In no way am I a expert and admit the info I am about to share is just keeping any/all chemicals out of my food.

I rub my wood for my raised beds with bees wax, as short lived as it is, it's better than getting cancer from chemicals in the food that I work so hard to raise.

The amount of folks making raised beds from used railroad ties and pressure treated lumber is alarming.

Its better to make your raised beds from wood that you need to replace every couple years, verses inviting cancer to be a pal... The chemicals used in these products also over time leech into the ground, perhaps into your well water.

A small list of items of types of treated materials are old rail road ties, old telephone poles, old pier pylons/boards, marine grade plywood and green/blue colored pressure treated lumber sold at tores across the nation.

I am sure there is even a better solution to my bees wax idea, please share.

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