Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Food Shortage Across The World Discussion 1 Billion Without Food 2009

There are more and more alarming facts/things happening right around us. Let me open this discussion up by sending you to read an article that is as shocking to me as Food Inc. was. Please go to Mother Earth News and read this article, come back and lets discuss it more in depth.


I ask myself some serous questions about the most destructive creature that walks the earth, man. I wonder how we can be so smart yet so stupid? As natural habitats shrink, rain forest disappear how can we continue to survive yet allow the rest of what lives with us die? Why can't/don't we stop killing the earth?

Like air, destruction is all around me, even as I make my stand against it, the big companies, and the government, I ask myself what is it that I am getting that they don't? Perhaps they have known all along and the real truth is its all about the mighty dollar. Perhaps as well the earth is feeding a population the she can't really feed. I am the first person to step up and all for harvesting my own food from lakes/soil/land. But how much is too much?

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  1. Re the food shortage part of the article..... I think it would go a heck of a long way if we - as a society - stop being so bloody wasteful & greedy. Add to that, artificially reducing the cost of meat (corn production, farming subsidies etc) that drives up consumption and in the space of 20 or so years, manages to turn us into a nation of burger eaters with hardened arteries.

    A few days ago, I was reading reviews of the $3 Meals book that I have, and I saw complaints about the food portions. They were perfectly healthy food portions, but of course, we've become conditioned to overeat and then overeat some more.

    If the whole world ate as much meat as the USA, it would take 4 planet earths to sustain the world population (for the land to house the animals and to grow the food to feed the animals). Simple math to figure out how greedy we've become while other countries starve. And since stats show 1/8 Americans go hungry, that means the other 7/8 of us are eating far more than our fare share