Sunday, March 7, 2010

Its Time To Get The Stuff Out, Get Comfy, And Start Writing Your Garden Plans

Today I can't tell you how important it is to sit down and plan your garden out. I just finished an article that covers importance of crop rotation in my Country Wisdom self sufficient guide. As I sat down with cup of blueberry acai tea and a couple slices of homemade bread and jam. I had all the things I was gong to need to make my plans.

Using my notes that I have taken over the entire year, I begin to plan what is going to go where and which ones will grow together. I have always planted radishes with my squash plants to warn off pest. I decide that I would plant corn, limas and green beans up to the property that Paul Sr. allowed me to use last year.

With the blight of 1847 hitting last year, I have moved my maters to a different location this year.I plan to still put the crazy bean tree up as well as the cucumber ladder.

I have plans to put the cold frame in the back of the house plant chard/spinach in that and maybe some lettuce as well. I have a strawberry patch that is ready to be pulled out and replanted. With the 300 some plants now over in the big field, I will put a much larger  herb garden in as well as a new garlic patch.

I have some left over wood from the chicken coop build to build the cold frame from. I am going to rebuild the coop this summer as I didn't do a very good job the first time. Oh, its well built, but unpractical as a tractor coop. 

One of the disadvantages of doing something for the first time is the mistakes that are made along the way that are costly. I will not need to buy more materials, but I bought way to much and over killed building the coop.  That money came out of my SS fund and could of been put to use in much better ways. By the time I finished the coop, I was very pleased with the build until I tried to move it. That became a nightmare and so this spring, armed with a new design, I will build something more practical.

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