Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Old Canning Jar Project, Be A Interesting Host

I want to get right into it, and I am willing to share the links after we stroll through the project so you can get those products if you want or bookmark this page to follow up on a later date.....

So I only had a few jars that I could no longer use for canning, I donated the other two to make this project practical and fun. I did this project outside....

I started out with a few different jar sizes, but they have to be widemouth in order to make this project work.

I know the original idea, no I didn't make this up, had said to spray the outside of the jars, but the flawed idea behind that is that you can only get Interior Frosted Paint...

So I decided to spray the inside after I tested it on the outside where it was exposed and scratch very easy. I jumped in and started spray and the runs showed up. So I lightly sprayed the inside a few times.

I let them dry and opened the lights, I got these on the fly from the Flea Market last week, but I discovered even cheaper ones that function even better and have more lights. Well that happens sometimes, and I will share that link with you.

So I opened them by twisting them apart to locate the two sided sticky tape and remove the pull tag so they will light up.

I pulled the tag, removed the double stick doughnut.... I twisted the light back together and applied the double sticky doughnut to the back, and removed the protective tape on the other side.

I took one lid and fastened the light to it....

I did this for the rest of my lights.... So I had to test them to see what they looked liked, even though it was daylight....

Pretty dang cool looking... So to save the photo by photo, let me explain, this is a great idea. You can Host a party and have these so people can see a path, see steps, use them to draw attention to a nice area on your property during a party, boundary lights, use any season and have one on the night sitting table....


  1. this is a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it! Would also loook great in the garden area during parties :))

  3. Is it me? I can't get what you used for the light part. What is it? Can you give us a name and where you can purchase them?

  4. Sylvania 36008 DOT-it Self-Adhesive Bright White LED Light, Black

  5. Can you turn them on and off? If so they would make nice emergency lights inside. Or just to have a nice low glow light and save your electricity if you don't need something to read with; just something to keep you from going bump in the dark.

    1. Yes they do turn off and on by pressing on them. Yes that is a great idea too!!

  6. Oh, thats really cool! It would be a fun family project too. I think we have those little lights in the bags

  7. Thanks for sharing! When you mentioned "lid lights" before I had no idea what that could be. Now I can sleep nights knowing what they are. Extremely clever idea! Gotta try it!


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