Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stop By At Facebook When You Want.

Never miss one of our facebook posts again! Be in control of what you see and when you see it, all from your own facebook page.

Follow these 3 easy steps (screenshots below) to add the facebook page to your Interest groups so you can see our posts in one place with one click (and without timeline)

Why do this?
1) If you are busy at work, sleeping or just not on facebook, this gives you an easy non-intrusive way of letting you see posts quickly and easily.

2) If we post too much and we're filling your newsfeed, you can remove us from your feed at step 2 and just see us whenever you like

3) Our posts only go to about 25% of our members feeds, either due to facebook system or you weren't around to see them. This way you don't miss any but you decide when to view them.

 Step 1 

Click the "LIKED" button at the top of the page. 

Step 2 

Click to add to existing list 
or click +Add New List 

At the next screen, select the page and click NEXT.

  You will be asked what privacy settings you want. 
Select one and click DONE. 


Step 3 

 Go to your own newsfeed 

View the menu on the left 
At the bottom, see Interests 
Your new list is there

Hover your mouse over on the left to get the pencil 
 Click the pencil to edit Select "Add to Favorites" 

Now go to the top of the page,
See the list in your favorites on the left

That's it! Now when you visit your feed, 
you can see if you missed any posts from us. 

The number of posts will be shown.
Just  click that list and see the posts in one place!

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