Monday, September 24, 2012

Sentimental Self Sufficient Thoughts

As the cool crisp air of Fall returns, the gathering of nuts and hunting of mushrooms continues, my days in the garden and attention to canning shifts to a more Mountain Man attitude as hunting season approaches. But during this shift, a moment is taken to sit down and write about my thoughts to share with others.

This time of year is a very rewarding time, and perhaps it is this time of year that I look at all that I have done since I tilled in my winter green crop in the garden. This year has brought me many new and old challenges yet I was blessed with a bountiful harvest, a reward for my hard work and steady labor.

Looking at my cellar, I take in all the hard work that went into processing that food and growing it as well. There is a true freedom I feel in my heart that can't be stolen from me know matter what happens. The fact I did all that is a true sign of being self sufficient and shows that I just don't see this as an attitude or behavior. I see it as a choice of freedom that I have, a choice that I made myself, and the food that I feed my family.

Sure in days that have long since past, this wasn't a lifestyle choice, it was a way of survival. Today I can make a choice, their food or my own. The other side know one see's here are the folks that are living like me that can't make a choice because of many different reasons. I know your out there, hunched down trying to blend in feeling ashed because you aren't doing what the Jones are doing and every one else. Your carrots don't look like the ones at the store, and as you look at your green beans and some have spots on them. None of your produce has grown as big as the stuff at the store. Mine isn't perfect either, so take no notice.

I wonder how my Mom would feel about the whole food system today, I suspect that she would be on my side doing what she did so many times before. Grandpa always kept a garden, and a fine one at that. As a gentle farmer he had his own ways to raise his own meat.

As I get out my hunting gear, I am reminded of a conversation I had with a follower here. I could see in her eyes that she was excited about Archery Season opening up this week end. One of my son's favorite times is hitting the fields to hunt for birds. I know without him speaking the words, these will be the times he will tell his own children about our relationship. Hunting should be about working together to gain more meat as well as learning and fun. I don't pressure hunt with my son, I rather take time to teach and show him.

This year, 2012, from Sugar Season (maple syrup making) to now has been a good year. Plenty of syrup, food and I hope meat... Smoking Season is coming... and the holidays.... Here turkey turkey turkey.... 

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