Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Casting Call, Will It Lead To A Show For Me?

I had a great conversation that lasted 45 minutes with a Senior Casting Director today. I am not going speak a whole lot as I not sure where this sets. It might not go anywhere and I am just thinking how neat it would be to do a documentary style show or a show that I can show people what I am up to.

When I looked into what she was representing, and she gave me a break down of what they are thinking. I thought she was just singing a beautiful song to me as she told me what their thinking of. Instead of living my life, she could put what I do in your living room...

I don't want to do a reality stye show, I am not a redneck and I don't want to entertain people in that manner. I would like to do a show where I can share some of my ideas.... So I am not "jumping" the make-up seat just yet... But I would enjoy sharing my life on my homestead.

She was very fun and a good listener, and she didn't make fun of my bashing of the English language. Half way through the conversation, I got the feeling I wasn't what she was looking for. But you know, at least she considered what I was doing, and if this doesn't work out she has my number. I told her I was happy to advise her or help in any way I can.

Thanks Caz..... Jason

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