Friday, August 3, 2012

Soul Food In The Garden

Many people that garden just do it, they just get on with it and you would know nothing else other than they grow their food. Some people garden to eat, share and be happy and enjoy giving food away. Some people garden because they have to, they will not eat well if they don't do something to lighten their food bill. I even know one 84 y/o man that swears that his hard work and gardening is keeping him alive.

Out of those four types of Gardeners, I am not one of them. Perhaps just a little part of each one of those, tossed in with some other types of Gardeners, that would be me. I am not alone either...

With sweat running down my face, dripping on my legs, the dirt from pulling weeds scattered all over me turning into mud while mixing with the sweat. My back sometimes hurts, I get mad all the weeds and want to surrender my garden to them as if they won some kind of war for my land. The on going battle with the critters, and the lack of or way to much rain at one time. Then there is the diseases to fuss with and all the ways to find out how to best handle them organically. It all seems like it would be better to just give up, cash it in, and try living like the mass population.

Then the feared canning day... Here it is in my house... alright I am canning tomorrow, that day, everyone get out of the way or you have a job to do. Danielle pitches in and ask if there is something she can do, I often have Joshua or Jessica helping out. But until I say so, I own that kitchen!!

Truth be known, I can't give up, my soul won't allow me to. I spent many years working my way back to the land and people I call home. I over paid for the property I now own, but I am not upset at that either. Because you know what, as much as I have worked my land, the land has worked me and my soul too. This is my little organic spot that I made, worked, and saw a vision when we first bought the property.

When I step into that Garden, my soul steps out and takes it all in. Sometimes I work in the garden and time flys, the sun sets and the air gets cool and I don't even know it till I finish my job.

When I start canning, as I move along, I know that a little piece of my soul goes into that jar. When the contents of that jar are used, that is my love feeding our bodies.

If you had asked me 15 years ago where I would be at today, well it wouldn't be where I am. I am so blessed with so many things, and I am so happy my wife, Danielle, allows me to continue. I would say I humor her sometimes I think, as I try some of the wackiest things. How many people do you know have a rain gutter full of dirt, growing Spinach on their property?

When the day comes I can no longer garden, give me a big pot and some seeds beside my bed...

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  1. You are singing my song, :).


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