Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Early Spring Flowers, 850 Bulbs Later. Garlic, Shallots, Cherry Bushes.

I invested in some Cherry bushes a few years ago, last years late frost and my lack of attention killed those off. Last year was to be the first year of production. I did harvest 5 berries, but not enough to say how good they are. Interested in their sweetness, I dug back to the folder, it states the cherries are to be sweet. I am not so sure about the grafting of the root stock and how this came to be.

I have tended to them well, and here they are along with a neglected raised bed. I have reclaimed that bed this year....


I am glad to see some of the bulbs coming up that I planted last fall. DS and I planted 850 plus bulbs, making this place a little more colorful this time of year. I planned the beds out, including wild plants and flowers located in natural habitats on my homestead. I took certain areas, examined them for what might look pretty, and might be wild and grow there.

Thou the flowers are starting to come up, they should grow and bloom until late May, and I forgot some as a few pieces of paper has gone missing. I trust I planned well and it will look nice...

 Shallots and Garlic

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