Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Anti Bird/Blueberry Project, Save The Cherries... Re-Purpose Bench Photo

I also am working on a anti frost/bird project in the Blueberry patch. The idea is to be able to gather ripe fruit, protect the flowers and fruit from frost and the birds. If I can get this right, I will also build the same hootch to protect the cherries too... A simple recipe from my moms kitchen was to use an Angel Cake, Blueberry yogurt, and fresh blueberries cooked in sugar just till they popped, cooled, and both poured over the cake. Simple, easy and yummy.....

This will be used to cover the bushes with a net, as well as plastic to protect them from frost. This year they are finally large enough to spend the $23.00 it cost me for this build. I have on hand a bunch of old post as well as welded wire I got at a auction for 30 buckets last fall.

I am going to take a few moments and talk about my cherry bushes. From what I understand the root stock of a cherry tree was grafted to a bush stock, many times over till it became a cherry bush. Last year I got just a few cherries after the frost, I was out of town and didn't check the weather before I left. Don't you just wanna punch yourself for not doing what can put food on the table? I was so mad I looked at myself in a mirror and said, stupid....

So are they sweet or tart cherries? That's a good question, the ad that sold them stated you could pick them from the bush, and eat them. So that makes me think they will be sweet ones, we'll see this year. I want to share a 3 year photo of them with you. These were just wee little twigs when they arrived home, and now are 1 1/2 at the base, and ready to start producing this year. I so look forward to having my very own cherries... I love these little bunches of flavor!!!

Do you stop by road side trash piles? Me too.... Me too.... (assuming you do) and I find useful stuff to fix or re-purpose. But I am strict on myself these days what I bring back home. In the beginning I would take stuff and said, yes I will find a purpose for that. The fact of the matter is that I ended up making a run to the dump and paid to put that stuff in the land fill.

Two years ago I saw this bench and thought how nice it would look near the pond.... There it sets, covered in dead plant stems. But that is going to be a new project this summer, honestly, I double dog promise I will get it done... Can you imagine this bench in your garden? I know, right.. LOL

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