Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pioneering Flower Beds, Hatched Log Style, Re-Purpose Removed Trees

So I was thinking of how to use more trees that I needed to cut down and use. If they were hardwood, I'd saw them up for firewood. Pine has lots of sap, and it builds creosote and can cause a fire in your chimney. Bad stuff to burn.

Do you remember what I did with the last logs from the trees that had to be cut down? I am going to share some pictures in a minute if you weren't around. But I tried to be more creative, and I could have been I suppose but this was a last minute project, that I just wanted to get done. I also had some concerns because it is near a road, and I didn't want to create a ramp. Planting of all the flowers, as well as the flower box, has several ideas behind it. The most obvious is to make the homestead look pretty, the second was to give people a reason to slow down and look at the pretty stuff and stop speeding.

Some wild Asparagus I found that day! I got a patch
So this time the flower box is going to be in my yard, so I decided I am going to use some of the logs to build a new flower bed. This time, I will be able to hatched them log cabin style. I like adding interesting objects around my property.

Look for this video in the future as well.....


  1. awesome, awesome Idea. Mind if I add this to my pinterest?

  2. How long do you think it would last before the wood started to rot? I have no idea. Looks great.