Thursday, March 24, 2011

Run In With The State Boys, It Gets Dangerous, Pics Posted.... Law Men...

Today I had a run in with the state boys, nobody likes the local or federal government getting in the middle of anything so close to home, let alone our food supply.

Dad worked 32 years as a law man, and in my mid teens, I was a latch key kid who did laundry so dad had clean uniforms to work his 15-18 hour days. Far from the farm and country living at its finest, helping us, helped me in my culture shock of city living. Dads life was cut short, but it was at a rare  lunch meeting that he told me about how he felt people saw him and why he did his job. There was no reason or emotional issue I am aware of that caused him to make this statement to me, he just did.

Dad seemed to be some what out of the norm this day, he had called me for a last minute lunch date. Dad said to me.. " You know son, it is funny that people hate me so much until they need help, and when they need help they are quick to cling and hang onto me " I would learn later on that he had secured a awful crime scene.

I have nor will ever look at Law men as a threat or out to get me, they have a job to do and most do it and some take advantage of it. Some law men, like my friend that works for the State Game Commission, have a job to do to protect us as well as animals.

And they do mean business..... He wanted them put in the water as soon as possible, without recall of size or weight or even type. He allowed me to join in with a certain group of folks, and I was given a 5 second rule in one stop to hard film as well as video events going on.

The location of the pics/video is secret and the people agreed to be filmed, but no names were taken. Trophy fish were raised and released as part of a state run program, released 3 weeks prior to opening day to give the trout a real fighting chance. I agreed to hard film/video and say nothing about the hard photos, so I will post them now and mention the video will be out soon.

They block off the area and keep people/cars away while they operate in a kind of strike force blitzkrieg style to release the fish in secret. Often people follow them to try to get close and see the fish being released. One note was made to me about a arrest two years ago, when a citizen pushed his way in breaking the area of security. He was warned several times, and then placed under arrest for tampering with law enforcement efforts. I asked the out come of that case, but he declined to offer me an answer.

He noted that people, if given a chance, will do what they have to do to catch a trophy size fish. " Like a soccer Mom that gets to emotional, fishermen also can get over whelmed with feelings and do stupid stuff. " I asked him if that arrest was the most serous? " No, not at all..... Eight years ago I was called to a farm where some one reported 8 grown deer had been shot, out of season. Later I found thirteen deer that had been slaughtered three big bucks, and the rest were does. The bucks had heads missing as well as their hind quarters and loins. The does had only their loins and rear quarters removed, the rest of the meat went to waste. I arrested the men, who admitted guilt, and they paid $350.00 per deer plus court cost, revocation of their hunting licenses for five years. My job has a very serous/dangerous/grim side that people don't see. I like people and animals, we have laws to protect the animals, and tht is my job, to protect the animals "

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