Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Hobby Farms Spring issue, Chickens, Another Freebie, Being Self Sufficient

You know, I supposed it could be self sufficient advertising because it was a freebie. Although it is a hen, I guess it could be a small roo, couldn't it?

As for the big winter storm that has hit many of you, I hope you put your self sufficient skills to work. Sure its cold, but also a good time to make some extra cash by removing snow for folks, and remember use common sense when asking to be paid. Its good for you, and that karma your building now will visit you later in life just when you needed it. Its times like these that put most folks on the spot, there is no doubt, if your reading my blog, you are doing as snug as a bug in a rug!!!

If your just ready this for the first time, join and follow my self sufficient lifestyle and how you can get back to living on the basics. By all means please share your ideas with me as well, I am always interested in learn new or how to do better......

I am kinda shocked to see how popular chickens are becoming, I know they bring a new joy to our lives as well as help us make our breakfast...

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